AM Ground Systems Company

WVOP Vidalia, GA

This project was subcontracted thru J-Crow Towers out of Mississippi.  The existing AM tower was being replaced to allow an FM colocation. 


WVOP Sweet Onion Country

This project was BBB (Before Big Bird). My 2001 Dodge Ram was the work horse then.

Looking across the ground field. The new tower will be built about 50ft toward the camera position.

Shelton brazing radials.

Shelton still brazing... In the very top portion of this image you can see a trench and a couple of guys working.

The stations FM, STL, tower light and AM coax ran from the back of the TX building down to the tower a hundred feet or so away. The only problem was that they were all ran at different times and whoever ran them chose different paths for each. About 1/4 of the ground system was consumed by the spiderweb of cables. We had the shallowly buried cables dug up and all place in a single deep trench. No more problem.

The station rented a trencher to rebury the coaxes and other wiring.

We had to work on the rented trencher almost as much as the temp help operated it.


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