AM Ground Systems Company
WAGE Leesburg VA
Novermber - December 2010
50kw 3 tower DA
AGSC installed all feed, sample and control cabling and set tuning equipment.  We also performed part of the RF plumbing in the transmitter building.  This was a compressed time line project due to pending program contracts.  The site was finally ready a few days before Thanksgiving 2010.  A small crew worked a few days before Thanksgiving and came home the day before Thanksgiving.  I returned the day after Thanksgiving and worked on the cable trenches until the full crew arrived back 2 days later.  We worked on the project between rain showers for the next 12 days.  Our work was completed 2 days before the promised handover date even dodging rain.

  • StuckI found a stump hole that had been filled with mud.
  • 7 axle dump truck delivering gravel and sandVarious MD, DC and VA laws limit the amount of weight per wheel for trucks. This monstrosity only carries about 24 tons of material. Many tri-axle trucks in other states carry 20+ tons.
  • Broken ConduitsA local electrical contractor set the conduits prior to the concrete pour. The wx was near freezing and the electrician used screws to secure the conduits to a framework. EVERY conduit was split when we removed the blue tape.
  • Damaged Sample LineDuring installation, we discovered a brand new sample line damaged on the reel. The damage had penatrated the copper jacket. The decision was made to go ahead and install but make provisions to install a new cable in the future. We installed a conduit with caps from the cable pit to the affected tower.
  • One of the guys noticed the anomoly when the line passed thru his hand.
  • Trench Line
  • Brazing Strap in Trench
  • Arranging cables to lay flat in trench
  • Cable Pit
  • Excavation crew attempting to pump water.Only to become hopelessly stuck themselves
  • Installing screen on top of ATU pads
  • Plowing in the rain
  • Elevated Transmitter BuildingThis site is in the flood plane of a nearby creek and was elevated about 10ft AGL.
  • Clamping Screen to perimeter strap
  • /
  • Equipment all lined up waiting on fuel
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