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Hastings, MN

Hastings MN is a small town across the Vermillion River South East of Minneapolis / St. Paul.  KDWA is a very nice locally owned station serving Hastings and surrounding areas.  In early 2006, KDWA opted to move their TX site off of expensive commercial property in central Hastings to an area just outside of Hastings.  The area chosen was farm land in the flood plain created in the confluence of the Vermillian, the Mississippi and the St. Croix rivers.  The tower site is in wonderful soil but is subject to 17 foot deep flood waters.


Attaboy Letter from Dan Massman owner of KDWA.

KDWA's new tx site from across a huge soy bean field. Try to imagine flood waters 11 feet over the camera's prospective...

A little closer.


Cloossser. The building is 20ft AGL to get it above the 500 year flood level. The base insulator is mounted at the 20ft AGL level as well. The base insulator is visible at the top of the catwalk.

A rather unusual view of our JD4600.

Looking down the tower riser from the catwalk at the TX building door.

Jeremy driving ground rods.

4in Strap out to a ground rod.

Big bird and rental car.

Tower base and one of the building piers.

Landscape fabric down and starting to spread gravel.

Top of the riser section. Base insulator and arc gap visible.

As happens regularly... We show up exactly as scheduled and find that someone else was not quite as punctual. This site was supposed to have underground power. But didn't. We left an area open for the utilities clearly marked. This site was also supposed to be graded but wasn't. We ended up doing the grading ourselves under a change order.

The main tower base ground is still the tower base even if it is 20ft above ground. This tower actually had a full base ground point as normal but had 4in strap extended up to the elevated feed / base insulator 20ft AGL.


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